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The SeatCarry is a specialized holster system designed for in-vehicle carry of your trusted firearm.

Carrying your concealed firearm is a vital part of being safe and secure.  Cars and Trucks present special challenges for those of you that can legally carry a concealed firearm.

Being secure and prepared in your automobile presents problems for concealment, storage, and control of the firearm.

The SeatCarry is a convenient solution that mounts inside a vehicle to hide a pistol while providing quick and easy access, especially while traveling in a vehicle.

Many legal concealed carriers achieve in-vehicle carry by utilizing center consoles and glove boxes built into the vehicle.  Another method is keeping the firearm on your person with Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters or shoulder holsters.

These methods are awkward, inconvenient, and unsafe.

The SeatCarry.  Specifically designed for easy and convenient in-vehicle concealed carry.

SeatCarry Firearms Holster install

The use of automotive-grade vinyl upholstery fabric has allowed experienced professionals to create a revolutionary product for the concealed carry community.  Please read further about the SeatCarry Construction, the SeatCarry Function, and the SeatCarry Installation.

SeatCarry firearms holster warranty promise

The SeatCarry was carefully designed to meet the needs of those licensed to legally carry a concealed pistol in a vehicle.  Greater personal safety and self defense can be found with the use of legally-carried concealed firearms.

  • Do you frequently travel with your concealed pistol?
  • Are you concerned about the access and comfort of an Inside the Waistband (IWB) side holster while you are belted into your vehicle?
  • Are you tired of using a glove box, center console, or other hiding place to store a firearm in the vehicle?
  • Do you have trouble snagging or banging your valued firearm when accessing it from under your driver’s seat?

If you answered YES to any of these, The SeatCarry may be the solution for you!

Carry Concealed in your Automobile!

Gun holster bench seat automobile

The SeatCarry meets all of these needs and more.  The SeatCarry functions as a firearm storage pocket at the front of the vehicle seat, allowing for quick access should the need arise to protect yourself in harmful situations.

The SeatCarry was designed to also be unobtrusive as a holster system so that unwanted attention is not garnered, including times when the vehicle is unoccupied.

The SeatCarry locates the firearm behind your calves and within your easy reach.

Easy reach firearms holster

The front pocket is the main feature in the construction of the SeatCarry:

  • The large front pocket stores a firearm in a convenient area for quick retrieval for those instances when seconds count.
  • Strong machine-sewn seams are capable of holding the weight of most concealed pistols.  This system is dependable for those times when you need it.
  • An envelope-type flap across the mouth aids in concealment, or can be folded in to allow for quick and easy access.  It is versatile to allow different concealability and access options.
  • The soft vinyl upholstery material will not mar or damage the contact surfaces of items stored within

If you travel or otherwise spend lots of time in your vehicle, you need a SeatCarry holster system.  They are durable, dependable, and very functional.  We are also offering a money-back guarantee and a warranty.

Read more about the Function, Construction, and Installation of The SeatCarryFirearms holster is Made in USA