You might have a question, and you are not alone.

These are the most common:

Will it Fit?

The front pocket measures 12-1/2″wide and measures 7-1/2″ tall and will hold most common pistols that are used for concealed carry.

Regarding your vehicle: The straps are generally long enough and have enough adjustment to accommodate most vehicles.  There are some newer vehicles that require the seatback trim to be removed in order to pass the attachment straps underneath.

This should work for your vehicle if the rear of your seat cushion allows for the straps to be passed to the underside and back around to the front of the seat where the holster pocket is located.

Can I mount my pistol in an Upright Position?

You might be able to devise your own method depending upon your firearm and using a belt-mount holster.

clipped upright

I have heated/cooled seats.  Do you have a model for me?

We do not currently use perforated material in the construction of the seat cover.  The cover does not cover the entire width of the seat, so some of the function might remain.

Can I pay by Check?

We do accept payment by check.  You can use the Contact page to send correspondence.

Can I get a phone number to speak with a human?

Please send us a request via the Contact form and we can get back to you.