The SeatCarry is intended for use as a firearm storage location in a vehicle.  Positioning your concealed weapon across the front of the vehicle seat allows for quick access in times of peril.

The SeatCarry was designed to be unobtrusive as a holster system so that unwanted attention is not garnered, including those times when the vehicle is unoccupied.

concealed holster across seat

The SeatCarry allows for the improved comfort of off-body carry without the inconvenience of using center consoles, glove boxes, or hidden compartments that are difficult to access and may limit the control of the firearm by its’ owner.

Designed for Comfortable Concealed Carry:

  • The large front pocket stores a firearm for quick retrieval in a location where weapon control is maintained
  • An envelope-type flap across the pocket opening allows for concealment and access.  It can be tucked into the pocket in to remove restrictionEasy reach firearms holster
  • The position of the pocket locates the weapon behind your calves and within easy reach

The soft vinyl upholstery material will not mar or damage the contact surfaces of items stored within.

It also installs very easily.

Firearms holster is Made in USA