The SeatCarry installs easily and quickly, as shown in the following video. Also see the step-by-step tutorial below the video.

Please NOTE: The SeatCarry will not work with some vehicles equipped with seats not allowing the straps to pass behind and under the seat bottom.  Some vehicles have a solid back that will not allow the straps through the back and under the seat around to the front to be reattached.

The 2012-2013 Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, and similar models are not compatible with the SeatCarry.


SeatCarry Installation:

The first step is to lay out the SeatCarry across the seat, with the straps at the back.

automobile installation of holster

The straps need to pass under the seatback around behind the seat bottom.  It may help to flip the seatback ahead or recline it backwards to help pass the straps through.

Holster straps pulled through seat

The straps are passed underneath the seatbottom towards the front of the seat.

straps pushed forward under seat base

The buckles are brought out from under the front of the seat and snapped to the opposing end underneath the seatpocket at the front of the seat.

Buckle attached

The straps are tightened up and the SeatCarry is installed!

tighten buckle

The pocket is flipped down and installation is complete!

final attachment

Now it is ready to use!

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