The SeatCarry is proud to have lots of very happy customers.  A sampling of the feedback we have received:


“Received my seat carry today!! I was surprised to find it in the mail when I got home. The gray matches the interior of my SUV perfectly. Thanks for making such a great product…can not wait to show my friends…”

Andy in North Carolina


“I have received the Seat Carry. I would like to say that I truly like your product. I just installed it and am carrying my 45 Sig in it.  I feel so much more secure with my piece readily available. I also want to compliment your EXCELLENT customer service! I will highly recommend you to my friends…”

James in North Carolina

“I had my Cadillac (1998) Broken into in Portland, Oregon recently.
They broke out a side window and attempted to steal my GPS.
They never even tried to get the 45 I had in the SeatCarry.
It blended in with my upholstery so well apparently they didn’t even notice it.

Thanks for a real nice product!”

Joe W. in Oregon


“Thank you for your prompt delivery of a fine product. I received the Seat Carry within 3 days of ordering and was immediately impressed with the quality of its construction. Plus, it does exactly what I needed. The carry pouch is roomy enough to accommodate even my largest handgun. With the high humidity in our area I can conveniently store desiccant packs with the gun to retard possible rust, and not interfere with my access.”

“The area behind the pouch I use to store additional ammo. The greatest feature is that my gun is totally protected from any damaging wear, such as occurs if carrying it in a glove compartment, center console or under the seat. Finally, the gun could not be MORE convenient for fast access – unless it were already in my hand.”

Best regards,

Jack in South Daytona, FL



“Wanted to tell you that the SeatCarry is the greatest accessory I have ever found. I use it everyday on my commutes to work, as it makes the availability of my carry weapon much more accessible. The fit of holster on the bucket seat and the color makes it look like original equipment.”

“Will definitely be ordering another in the near future.”

Ron in Iowa

“It’s a great product, and as such deserves a glowing review. We’ve yet to encounter any kind of negative regarding its use. It does exactly what we needed and lacks nothing. What more can a consumer ask of a product?
I want others with our similar carry problems to know that the answer is out there. We need every advantage we can get to battle the elements as well as the bad guys.”

Best regards, Jack, Florida

“I’m a dude that just happens work in the highest crime zipcode.  I get down to my business at about 5:30am.  You see we feed the poor and homeless in that area.  Been doing it for 17 years.  We feed thousands daily!  Anyways I’ve had a couple of incidents where people wanted to either jack me or rob me, having the SeatCarry with my glock19 and a derringer just in case has been very effective.  The problem ceased to exist once they saw I was carrying.  Thank You SeatCarry!”

from Michael in Warren, MI

“Just received it in the mail.  I’m impressed.  The quality of materials and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations.  I have not yet put in in my car but will do that this afternoon.  I’ll be sure to show it to my friends and pass your website along to them.
Thanks for your response and quick turn around.”

from Cooper in Florida